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How to become a Pro (This is a great tutorial)

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PostSubject: How to become a Pro (This is a great tutorial)   Sun Jun 14, 2009 4:45 am

1.Pro's like to use Weapons with high accuracy,They barely use heavy weapons like:The Rocket Launcher,Fuel Rod Gun,Spartan lazer and the Gravity Hammer

The Weapons Pro's always use is:
1.Battle Rifle
2.Sniper Rifle
3.Covenant Carbine
4.Fragment Grenades(Always Useful)
5.Plasma Grenades(Great for 1 hit stick kills can kill an overshield user when stuck to the opposing enemy)

2.Pro's like to play fair.Noobs play dirty.DON'T whore Vehicles:
The Chopper
Gauss Warthog

3.Don't camp it's for noobs,Noobs use the following to camp:
1.Rocket Launcher(Duh)
2.Energy Sword
3.Fuel Rod Gun
4.Sniper Rifle(Barely)

4.Use Combos:
PP+BR Combo
SR+BR Combo

Do not use the following:
BXR RXB BRX RBX XBR - Quadshot (A cheap use for Kills)Only for Controllers
BXR RXB XBR - Double Shot(A Cheap use for Kills but lower status than Quadshot)Only for Controllers

Only Weapon for Combo:
Battle Rifle

It also can Auto-Reload when it doesn't have 4 ammo per 1 shot or 6.

5.You can drop and pick up the flag as much as you want until you reach your base,This is also tactical you can use your Pimary weapon - Required to kill the Flag Assasinator (Battle Rifle or Carbine to kill the enemy)
Grenades -you can kill him/her with some grenades(Stocking up Grenades or Picking Enemy ones is tactical so you can use them during battle or to help a team mate.

6.Reload when you kill your enemy or another enemy will find you and kill you when your out of ammo and have to reload.
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How to become a Pro (This is a great tutorial)

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