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M O D M G M'S Mod Aplicaton

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PostSubject: M O D M G M'S Mod Aplicaton   Tue Jul 07, 2009 1:39 am

1. Your name on the Chatbox or would like to be called -
M O D M G M (Would Liked To Be Called CrAszY MAn45217(Xbox live Username))
2. Why do you want to be a Chatbox Moderator? -
Watch For Rule Breakers
3. What have you done on GamerSpot to make it better? -
Make It Safer
4. Who would recommend you to become a Chatbox Moderator, post their name here.
5. Have you ever broken a rule?
Not On This Sight No
6. If you have state it here (or skip step if you haven't).

7. How how many hours are you on a day? -
8. Will you be active on my Forums/Chatbox? -
Im Always
9. Please state your msn/aim/ or yahoo messenger so i can can talk to you -
10. What you can do as a Chatbox Moderator (1 paragraphs or more thats 4 sentences or +)
I Will Be On Alot Just Like Warscape. I Will Watch For Spammers! I Wont Let Anyone Break The Rules. I Will Be Friendly To Others!
11. Do you own a Forum or owned one? -
12. How old are you?
13. How long have you been on the Forums for.(Needs to be atleast 3 Weeks or a Month.)
3 weeks
14. Why do you believe you should be Chatbox Moderator?
I Pwn lol
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M O D M G M'S Mod Aplicaton

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