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Halo Combat Evolved Patch 1.08 POST on (3/23/2009,9:53 AM PDT)

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PostSubject: Halo Combat Evolved Patch 1.08 POST on (3/23/2009,9:53 AM PDT)   Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:23 am

I seen a post on about this topic,Slayermaster93 States that:Halo Combat Evolved or Halo CE has recieved a patch from the Gearbox forums and finally releases a patch for Halo CE and PC not long ago.He says it has a No-Syncing Glitch.He Clearly states that When aimming for the head you miss when they are perfectly still.Or T-Bagging the body will disappear and it will re-appear on another place.

I think in my personal perspective,Gearbox are very good game developers,Since Halo 2 Vista is properly playable,No crashes and No Glitches and No errors.But in their earlier days they tried to emulate the XBOX Halo 1 to the PC.It was great and fun.But there are no glitches in the game.It is just poorly developed than their later attempts of making games.Gearbox is a company of XBOX lovers who port games from the XBOX to PC.Since when they made Halo 2 Vista,Gearbox created games for windows live.Like the original XBOX live.So is tthis glitch real?No,Gearbox didn't bother wasting as much bandwidth so they deleted the killed character body strings and file.When your shooting someone in the head you can miss especially when they are strafing so you cannnot aim the head.
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Halo Combat Evolved Patch 1.08 POST on (3/23/2009,9:53 AM PDT)

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